This isn’t something we don’t already know. The number of applicants to get admission to medical colleges has increased. But what hasn’t increased the number of medical seats in the Pakistani medical universities? But we can’t expect it to change anytime soon. This number doesn’t even match the number of seats that are offered in the medical universities of Pakistan. The total number of seats is only 1,18,316. High scores might help you get into a good university but average or low scores stand no chance. There are only three options left for a student, that’s either wait for another year’s examination in which you might qualify, the second option is to give loads of donations to obtain admission to a private medical university and the third option is to get admission and study MBBS

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English Medium Studies

Moving to a different country doesn’t mean the student has to learn another language just to grab the opportunity to study MBBS. But this isn’t the case with our medical universities as they offer medical education in the English language.

No Donations

Is it better to study MBBS in Pakistan or abroad? We can proudly answer this question as the universities that have collaborated with HR Abroad services don’t ever ask for donations or capitation charges in the name of the best way to easily study medicine abroad.

Low Cost of Medical Studies

We have seen a lot of students ask the same question over and over again “how to study MBBS abroad for free?”. We are not promising cost-free medical studies but we can surely ensure low-cost studies in the medical universities.